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March 14, 2018

I recently did a radio forum (interview) with author, entrepreneur and radio host James Kelly. He hosts the web site Aspects of Writing out of Henderson, Nevada. I had an absolutely wonderful experience as a last-minute guest.

I’ve talked about interviews in several articles here at Fred Central. Now, I have several videos under my belt as well as a phone interview. This forum was set up in such a way that I was a panelist and was able to give advice similar to what I do here, but at the same time was also interviewed as part of the setup to a forum on writing.

Two for one!


James Kelly was a guest speaker at one of our Henderson Writer’s Group meetings, which I attend every Monday evening. He gave an excellent presentation and afterward, I thought it would be a hoot to be a volunteer guest on his show. Later that evening, with one of his cards in hand, I e-mailed him and volunteered my services and gave him this web site and told him about all my articles and my platform on writing.

I soon got a call and he asked me if I could do a last-minute show. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it that weekend. However, we kept in touch.

That was almost a year ago. At that time, I was under the impression we’d choose one of the subjects I talked about in my articles and took it from there.

Anyway, I kept in touch with him all this time.


I’d just sent him an e-mail to say hello and he asked me if I was available for another cancellation. This time I was. I asked him about subject matter and he already had a script and everything. I go “as script?” Yup. I didn’t know that he plans these shows out ahead of time so when he calls in for his guests, he already knows what he wants to talk about. We don’t choose out subjects. He does the research on us first and decides the subject matter.

That’s okay with me.

I happened to fill a gap with the subject Writing With The Character In Mind.

Cool. I can do that!


I followed his directions and went to his studio, which was set up in a conference room in an office building in Henderson, Nevada. It was upstairs and since the building was deserted on this Sunday afternoon, we had the place to ourselves.

I met our cohost, Janet Coursey, and we had a nice chat while James set up the audio and tried to get the video link going with the other author on the show, John Brage from Kansas City, Missouri. It took a bit to get the kinks worked out of the audio with John. This is something that pops up occasionally with any home-brew radio pre-recording setup. I must say that given this is on James’ own dime, it was very professionally done and the final results are quite good.


We first started in with mini-interviews about our writing and books and James switched between me, John and Janet and a little about himself and then we went into the subject of character. It was a lively discussion and we had a great time.

In the end, we all got to have our say and it actually went a little over. James will surely cull the best moments to cut it down to the proper time limit for the final product, which was an hour according to the video final result.

We were also being taped on camera as well. I was pretty much ignoring the camera, however I was looking at the computer screen with John on it, when talking to him. This took my face away from my mike, which made my voice dim at times. James had to tell me to talk into the mike a few times so I’m sure he had work to do to clean up my audio so I could be heard properly. There were also a few glitches with the audio feed from John’s end over the line from Kansas City.


Overall, it was a fun interview and panel discussion. I got to plug my books. Not just Lusitania Gold but also Treasure Of The Umbrunna and got to talk about writing in general. It was a fun afternoon. The results can be heard through this link at

James’ web site is

Happy writing!


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