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Below as some links that I consider vital to my writing passion/obsession/hobby/career.

I strongly encourage you to check them out. This is the web page for my mentor and friend, Carol Davis Luce. She has been with me almost from day one. If not for her kind encouragement and the occasional kick in the butt, I might have given up long ago. I am proud to call her my friend. Her novels, especially Night Passage blew me away and to this day, they are still some of my favorites. She now has a blog site. Check it out at: I met Ann Marquez through the Henderson Writer’s Group. We became friends as we critiqued each other’s work at the first Wednesday and them Monday meetings. Her book, Journey Into Probate and Back is a must read. This is her outstanding blog site. She has been gracious to allow me to guest there twice. Please check her out when you get the chance. This was my original publisher. My fantasy novel, Meleena’s Adventures – Treasure of the Umbrunna wwas to come out in 2012 under the Ancient Tomes Press imprint. In 2015, my adventure/thriller novel, Lusitania Gold was to come out on their Fireside Mysteries imprint. While things never worked out, it’s still fascinating web site. This is my writers group. The Henderson Writer’s Group has been around since at least 2002 or even earlier. I joined in early 2003 and have not regretted a moment of it. This group has helped me immensely and I cannot thank them enough. The Absolute Write Water Cooler is a great discussion forum for writers to chat about the craft of writing. Victoria Strauss moderates it and you will find a discussion thread on just about everything. Agent Query is a great place to look for agents. This will save you a ton of money on books, and the information is a lot more current! Predators and Editors is an essential site for anyone looking for an agent or publisher. Run by David Kuzminski, it will tell you who is good and who is a ripoff. And trust me on this, it works! Poor David has the lawsuits to prove it! Rhondi Salsitz, writing as Elizabeth Forrest was also there for me at the beginning. I was introduced to her through her horror novel, Dark Tide. She rocks! Today, kids know her as Emily Drake. This is her current site: Tami Sue Snow is a dear friend and fellow writer who featured me on her blog Slaves To The Muse. You will find it as a page on her main web site Lyrical Lip Service. She is also was a member of the Henerson Writer’s Group. She writes middle grade and young adult fiction and is a host on Fate Radio. Joann Hamann-Buchanan is a great lady I met recently and a host on Fate Radio. She is a fellow writer out of Kansas. She was kind enough to have me on her radio show and we did an interview recently. Her Eclectic Artist Cave web site is top notch and well worth the visit. My dear friend and kindred spirit in the world of amateur astronomy and visual observing, Roger Ivester. This man is a true artist and his drawings of celestial deep sky objects are some of the best I’ve ever seen. In fact, I have two of them hanging on the wall next to me as I type this. His web site features some of his work and is well worth a visit. His drawings are true-to-life, what someone would actually see looking through a telescope eyepiece and not some embellished Hubble photograph, redrawn. This is the web site of my new friend and a fantastic horror writer and author, Fiona Dodwell. She lives in Jolly Olde’ Englande’. She has a really fun web site and it is well worth checking out. This is the web site for my bud, Scott Nicholson. He is one great horror writer! I got hooked on his unique brand of icky bug when I picked up The Harvest back in 2003. His stories usually take place in Appalachia and the Carolinas. He is also the ONLY horror writer to ever write a vampire story I liked, called They Hunger. It rocks! This is the web site for my good friend and fellow writer, Donald Riggio. He wrote an outstanding book called Seven-Inch Vinyl. It is a rock and roll epic from the early days of the rock and roll era and is a book that shouldn’t be missed by music lovers. He is a frequent contributor to my site and I’m delighted to see him every Monday at our writer’s group meetings. He is one person I always make sure to give a copy of whatever I’m reading because I can always rely on him to give me some great feedback. Rock on Donald!,, and These are the web sites of my friend and colleague, Morgan St. James. She also has a great column called Writer’s Tricks of the Trade at She has been a great friend for many years and is one of the key people in convincing me to keep my real name as an author and trash using pen names. I’m glad I took her advice and that is a big reason you are seeing this web site as it is today. She writes some great books and columns and is well worth checking out. Her latest book just came out, Betrayed. Here are the links to her pages for this outstanding novel: Facebook fan page – Blog: Amazon: Amazon UK: Barnes & Noble: This is the web page for my buddy Maxwell Alexander Drake. He’s a member of the Henderson Writer’s Group and one heck of a fantasy writer. I’ve watched him grow from a struggling writer like me to becoming one of the best fantasy writers in the country. This guy knows his business and should not be overlooked if you’re into the genre. He’s a force to be reckoned with. A real dynamo of a speaker, marketer and person, he livens up every event he attends. Rock on Max! This is the page of my friend Martin Greening. He is a member of the Henderson Writer’s Group and his interests lean toward fantasy and science fiction. He is a wonderful writer and I look forward to seeing him in print soon. His web site is well worth a visit as he produces some great articles on writing. This is the home of my publisher and where you’ll find everything there is on Meleena’s Adventures including Treasure Of The Umbrunna and Gods Of The Blue Mountains. You’ll also find Lusitania Gold and Spanish Gold. There are also plenty of other great authors. Check them out when you get a chance! This is the excellent NFReads page run by Tony Eames. He was kind enough to do an interview with me and I had a great time answering his questions. I said quite a bit and you can check it out here. Also included are images of all three of my books published up to Spring 2019! This is an outstanding web site and newsletter from my friend Crystal Wizard. My articles are also now featured there in the Craft Of Writing section. Check it out!


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  1. June 9, 2011 12:29 pm


    Thank you for the kind words, regarding my sketches. It has always been my goal to sketch an object without taking all night, and in ernest, attempting to make it look like what I am seeing through the telescope. At times, some deep-sky objects are pretty dim, and not very impressive, and the sketches for most part appear as such. It has never been my desire to produce celestial art, just a good old fashioned pencil and paper drawings from the eyepiece.

    Thanks, Roger Ivester

  2. Carl Collins permalink
    July 4, 2012 5:16 pm

    Carl from HWG

    I was thinking on your train situation and thinking a few things that might help with out sounding condescending.

    There is a difference between freight engines and passenger train engines, the freight engines don’t have corridors. I havn’t been on one in more than a decade, but in your situation it would most likely be an older engine.

    In using the notch system, you can set the notch at highest point, which means it will reach unlimited speed given time, terrain, distance, and what they are pulling.
    You can sat the notch and leave and train will increase speed as long as it can to match that’s what retards it from picking up speed going down hill.

    The deadman switch can be turned off, or disabled by your charactors, if I remember they are skilled men, so defeating should not be a problem.

    You might think of your characters setting the dead man, and the notch and then be desprate to jump before the speed got to hight, on the side opposite the cops.

    Some trainmen call only the engine plus cars it is attached to a train.
    A yardmaster will say “go up and get the power on 10.” or “cut the power of the train sitting over on 10.”

    An engine alone is some times refered to a ‘power’ or ‘motor’ refering to the electric power that is generated from the diesel engine, and not called an engine at all. Real old timers always say ‘engine’ to refere to the diesel part of the thng.

    Plus for freight there are ‘road engines’ those are the monsters you see hooked to hundreds of cars. And ‘yard engines’ these are most likely smaller and move a few cars at a time around a rail yard. Old road engines are used for local moves in a particular area and in yards, they are just no longer fit for a lot of heavy hauling.

    • July 6, 2012 12:37 am


      Wow! Excellent stuff! I will get back with you in a few days. I’ve already covered a couple of things but you brought up a few that I hadn’t though of. You rock!

      Welcome to my web site and I appreciate your feedback. You’re a great help!


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