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February 28, 2018

I’ve talked a lot about what I think is good and bad writing, at least from my perspective. I’ve talked about making your readers having to suffer to get through what may be a good story, or glide right through without ever realizing they’re even reading.

How about those times when you read a book and it makes you want to sit down and write? Or, sit down and write more?

Have you ever read a book and loved it so much it inspired you to write something?

Something new?

Revamp what you were already writing?

Plug on, confirming what you already were doing, but with more enthusiasm?


Because of my fantasy novels, I’m so used to spelling magical as magickal I had to think twice with that title! There are certain authors and certain stories that I glide through without effort. There are others I have to work a bit. Then there are others that I have to suffer to get through.

Since I’m part of the buying public, I like to spend my money wisely, therefore I also like to bet on a sure thing. Therefore, I often stick to authors I know are going to give me what I expect.

Like AC/DC, these authors aren’t out to fix something that isn’t broke. Usually. There have been a few that did and they lost me. On the other hand, most stick with a style and they keep me as a fan.

On the other hand, there are always the doldrums, times when none of my favorite authors have new books, and I troll the shelves looking for something new.

By discovering new authors, I run across plenty of duds. Sometimes I discover new ones and run across those magical stories. There are those rare novels that are so well written and the stories so great that I go…



I have to put this in the right context. There are certain writers that always hit that magical spot. They’re consistent. It’s when I find a new author that does it that’s especially magical. Then, I get more inspired.

What do I do?

I certainly don’t try to copy them.

What it does is make me try even harder to make my stories great. It doesn’t make me want to drop what I’m doing and start something new.

What these magical stories to for me is inspire me to write even more of what I’m already doing. It makes me allot more time to create and work on what I’m currently working on.

That, folks, is what it does for me. It gives me more enthusiasm to continue with my own creations.

It does not influence the style of what I’m doing.

It does not influence the actions of what I’m doing.

It does not influence the characters, the scenes, the language or the locations.


I have to say up front that in the beginning, what I just said is exactly the opposite of what happened when I had those magic moments. Back in the day, when I first started writing, books by Clive Cussler, Lester Dent (Kenneth Robeson), Franklin W. Dixon, Mark Twain, just to name a few all had influence on my writing and style. As a developing writer, those magical moments inspired me to a great extent.

However, twenty plus years into this, my perspective has changed.

Now, when I read a really great and inspiring novel, when it hits the spot, it’s a bit different. My inspiration comes from a different place. The influence is not in the manner of characters or places or things, but of magic. It comes from the writer being able to keep the reader from suffering to get there.


When a writer hits the spot, it’s now a combination of factors that inspire me. The way they write, how they present the story and how they pull it off in the end.

How I feel when I close the book.

Am I left with a big smile on my face?

Am I wanting for more, or am I relieved it’s over?

Am I heading for the bookstore, or going on line to see when the next book comes out? Or, am I scratching this author off the list or adding him or her to the “avoid at all costs” list?

If everything is positive, when I next open up my Word file, I flex my fingers, go to where I last left off and feel pretty good about what I want to do next. That’s where I’m at.

How about you?

Happy writing!

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