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September 28, 2016

As many marketers will tell you, just having a book published isn’t the end of the story. To get the word out, you’re going to need some kind of platform. It’s a lot easier if you write non-fiction. Your platform is usually the subject of your book or books. However, if you write fiction, what in the world are you going to use as your platform?

A platform might not have anything to do with your fiction subject, but let’s think about that. Say you write science fiction. Might you have a platform about cosplay, or maybe astronomy or something science related?

What about being a romance writer? How about a platform about love advice or relationships?

Westerns might give you an opportunity to start a platform for rodeos or western lore.

I took up a platform about writing. I’ve been doing that since 2012, long before my first book, Treasure Of The Umbrunna ever saw print.

Think about it. If you just put up a static web site with your book on it, what incentive do people have to go there when they can just as well go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and the other on-line retailers? Same stuff.

If they want to find out your schedule, they can check out Facebook, but there are limitations to what you can post and not everyone likes Facebook. Some authors do just fine with only that. Depends.

A web site gives you more opportunities to attract an audience. That means, you need a platform to get people there besides just a static book page.


My platform is writing. Since I’ve been writing for 21+ years now, I’ve picked up quite a bit about the craft. I decided a long time ago that, especially being into teaching given my background, I ought to set up something to pass it along.

I started with articles and “op-eds” on writing. I’ve run through a lot of subjects in 200+ blog articles.

In the meantime, I’ve also given several presentations to my writer’s group and others.


As a writer, one way or the other, eventually you’re going to have to give a presentation. Whether it has to do with your platform or just a talk about your book, you be there! You’ll have to stand up in front of people and speak…say something…talk to people.

Get over it!

In my case, since I had training for this, it was no big deal. I just planned, wrote a power point, and arranged through the wyberry (that’s library for those of you uninitiated to Fredspeak). I’m always looking for ways to promote my book and my writing and of course, if I’m going to do a presentation on some aspect of writing, guess what I’m going to have up there with me?


            Yup, my book banner, right next to me at the podium.

Of course, I wasn’t done yet. Back at the desk full of pamphlets where people come through the door, I also placed business cards and bookmarks amongst the wyberry stuff as well.


            I didn’t have any flyers, but that’s another story I discussed in my article A Book Signing.

My presentation on writing in multiple genres went very well. I had fourteen participants. Inevitably, my book came up as an example and it was discussed multiple times throughout the evening, though Treasure Of The Umbrunna was not the focus of the discussion. Whether that helps sales, who knows?

My main point, though, was to promote writing in general and that’s what I did. As a writer, you should develop a platform and be prepared to do presentations in whatever form they may be. Maybe it will be just to promote your book. Maybe it will be some other passion that you’re interested in.

I happen to be interested in writing and I enjoyed talking about writing. I wasn’t just there to promote my book. I was there to talk about writing and as a bonus, pitch my book.

My presentation is available here for you to look at if you have Power Point.


            Happy writing!

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