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March 29, 2023


            This just popped into my head this morning as I write this, but for those of you that are active on line, do you engage with your fans?

            I’m going to talk a little about how I do it.


            Many authors use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat or TikTok as ways of connecting with their readers (fans). Do you?

            It’s great to have a web site but how do you encourage and engage fans with just that? While your link may appear in your bio on Amazon or even within the bio of your published book, sometimes it takes that extra push to social media to get any engagement.


            I have to admit the social media choices are overwhelming. I’ve dabbled in Pinterest and Goodreads, but found them less than productive. Goodreads in particular seemed to be overly complicated from what I recall so I gave that up. Instagram? Never tried it and have no interest. TikTok sorry but won’t even go there.

            What does that leave me with?

            Facebook and Twitter.

            I’ll have to admit I don’t get much out of Twitter. I post a tweet every week for my blog post, but only see a small fraction of action from that. I have responded to a few replies, but I don’t get many.

            My biggest engagement is with Facebook.

            While Facebook is quite awkward to use, especially when they keep improving it beyond comprehension (okay, a little sarcasm here), it’s still a useful tool.


            Between my web site and Facebook, I always respond to comments. Okay, I have to point out there are plenty of spammers who want this or that. I ignore or delete those comments.

            I get an occasional response on my web site and an occasional response to my Facebook posts. I can’t say it’s a lot, but I get a few.

            What I see most is that when I post an article or an update to my website, I also post it to all the writing group sites I’m involved in on Facebook. I get plenty more visits to my website than actual engagements. At least people are responding to my posts.

            I don’t get much direct feedback, I have to admit. However, when I do, I’m honored to be able to respond. Getting a reaction from a post is the best, good or bad.

            Lately it’s been one guy who corrected a grammar point on my initial Facebook post. Then there was the guy who wanted my money to publicize my books.

            Once in a while I get a comment or question which I love to answer.

            Once in a while I get positive responses in some indirect way.


            The thing is that without the fans, you wouldn’t be here. Keep in mind that I use the term “fans” loosely to show all categories of engagement. Many of them aren’t actual readers of your books, but just people on line who engage. In my case, it’s quite often other aspiring or established writers.

            If you ever want to get anywhere, you need to be gracious and nice to these people. Some of them may come off as abrupt, rude, and even nasty at times. How do you handle that? Ignore the negative or respond in a positive way. Never get in a negative back and forth with someone.

            Negativity is not a good look.


            For most, it doesn’t take much to be nice. Okay, there are some of you that maybe have a hard time engaging. If you can’t do it in a positive way, I suggest just keeping quiet. It’s better to have no engagement than all negative. That’s a great way to drive away fans.

            I appreciate each and every one of you, fan, reader, or just stopping by.

            Happy writing!

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  1. Affiliate Marketing Buzz permalink
    April 14, 2023 2:01 am

    Great insights on engaging with fans through social media! It’s important to be gracious and positive, even when dealing with negativity. Thanks for sharing!

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