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September 20, 2022

            A few years ago I wrote an article about having a blog and nothing to write about. This time it’s about writing in general. This is NOT ME! I want to emphasize that. I’ve seen some Facebook posts about writers having nothing to write about and that’s what I want to address here.


            Like me, most of us who take up this passion are bursting with ideas. In fact, we have so many we often forget over half of them before we ever get around to writing them all down. However, let’s just say our “wells” are not likely to run dry anytime soon. One day, we’ll get to each and every idea, whether still lingering at the back of our minds, or newly re-discovered by some prompt in real life.


            While it still may end up being a passion, there are those that take up writing because they think they’ll love it, only to find out their one great idea didn’t pan out. What next?

            Uh…maybe you need to just practice what you do know until something pops up. Maybe you need to set things aside until the inspiration comes. A few of you probably need another hobby. Not to discourage anyone, but if you only ever had one idea or just vague notions, you might what to take up something else to avoid frustration until you get that idea again sometime in the future.


            Writing prompts can be a great way for new writers to get their mojo.

            For anyone starting out, it’s not a bad idea to write from prompts. This will give you practice for the “real thing” when your own ideas start to form. Besides, writing prompts can be the source of great inspiration.


            I’m not a big fan of just picking a random subject you’re not interested in and making it real. That’s work, and while it has some benefits, for those of you starting out, it can be a real source of frustration. Or, it can also make what might seem like a passion into work. It might snuff out that spark, but then again, if you succeed in writing about something you have no interest in, it may get your creative juices flowing in the opposite direction, right into what you wanted (or thought) you wanted to do in the first place.


            For many of us, the passion of writing involves writing any and everything that pops into our head. There are no limits except our own interests and imagination. For example, when I started out, I was writing performance reports and instructions for other people. I liked it and decided to dig up my own muse, which when I first tried it, was a frustrating experience. Why? Because I had no idea what I was doing!

            Through writing those reports and instructions as part of my Air Force supervisor job, I realized I really liked writing. I was getting practice. Around this time, my wife and I also did an international newsletter to a select group. This prompted me even more, especially added to all the other technical writing I was doing.

            When I finally decided it was time to find another passion (after music failed), I sat down and wrote a complete novel. This was the first of many novels, short stories, and articles.


            Each of you has your own story on how you got (or are getting) started. The thing is that learning the ropes first helps tremendously to finally get into your inspirations.

            The people just starting out, or even those who have been with it for a while can run out of ideas if they never had many to begin with. Or, never did have any to begin with, just a desire to write.

            You can still nurture that desire to write if you find those elusive ideas. Writing prompts may be a good way.


            Whether just starting or having been at it a while, you need something to prompt you if you’re out of ideas. If that great idea to be a writer started with no idea what to do, be patient. Either use writing prompts, do a lot of observing, or walk away for a while until something hits.

            There’s nothing more frustrating than staring at a blank page.

            My opinion is don’t do it. Don’t ruin your desire to write by placing undue pressure on yourself to produce something. Leave it alone for a while and do something else until that inspiration hits. If you’re truly meant to do it, it will come.

            For those of you that have the chops but are just burned out, or at a stopping place, I suggest to keep writing even if it’s mundane subjects, just to keep the chops up. Eventually, the inspiration will likely come back.

            Happy writing!

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