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June 23, 2021

            There’s a certain author that has recently passed away. I love his writing, quirks aside.

            His legacy continues in the form of cowriters. My assumption is that he left many ideas on the shelf and now his family, probably through a corporation, is keeping his name alive through co-authors who run with these ideas.

            So far, several books have been published since his death and they’ve been great. I’ve seen no sign of things letting up. I hope it continues.


            The writing quality and style have continued unabated.


            The latest book just came out and I’m recently finished it.

            All the bells and whistles were there.

            The problem?

            While the original author has managed to stay away from sex, religion and politics, this particular co-author could not keep his mitts out of the mix.

            This particular co-author used to write some great stuff on his own until his last original book, in which he turned political and ruined his series.


            While historically, there may have been a legitimate reason to include what the co-author did, instead this new book pounds it in at every opportunity, unnecessarily, blatantly giving the author’s viewpoint.

            There was no need for that, not only for the story, but for those that already know where the author is coming from. He’s not going to convert the converted. He’s only going to piss off those that don’t want to listen to preaching. In doing so, he just alienated those into this particular branch of the legacy. What’s worse, he didn’t let up. Right until the end, he continued to rub it in.


            This deceased author has a reputation for keeping things neutral, from either side, and that’s one thing that attracted me to him decades ago. I’ve known for a long time where he personally stands, but don’t care.

            That’s fine with me because he’s never preached any of that to me whether I agree or not. He hasn’t clouded his great stuff with preaching.

            Now, with co-authors taking up the banner posthumously, those unwritten rules are being thrown out the window.

            Nuff said.

            Happy writing!

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