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February 26, 2020

This is the start of my annual conference article series. I’ll say right up from that last year I skipped this whole series. I was NOT a happy camper for many reasons I won’t go into. Things changed, not to my liking, and I’ll leave it at that, many things on a personal level. Business has returned to a better place this year, and I feel more comfortable.
For outsiders, the 2019 Las Vegas Writers Conference was a resounding success. We’ve developed a reputation as one of the best writers conferences in the nation, as mentioned in several top notch writers publications. It’s well deserved. As an attendee to every one since 2005, I can attest to that. I’ve seen this conference grow, change, and go through many different versions over the years. We have a reputation and a high standard.
This time I won’t go into too many details except to outline some of the reasons why this conference has gained its reputation. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be revisiting some of the articles from the past that are relevant to the conference. They’re more detailed and the info in them hasn’t changed all that much. Some things you may hear repeated and that’s because these things are an integral part of our success.
One reason the Las Vegas Writer’s Conference is such a success is because of the size.
It’s an intimate setting. We’re limited in size to a smaller group which means everyone gets to interact with everyone.
There’s only one price. Once you pay the conference fee, that’s it. The only exception, is if you want to invite additional dinner guests. Then you have to pay extra for them. Otherwise, if you want to see any agent, publisher, or author, it’s included in the price of admission.
Everyone is accessible.
Throughout the three days, you have access to everyone. Not only do you have ample opportunities to set up appointments with agents and publishers, you interact with them in classes, during breaks, at meals, in the hallways. Everyone is available. It’s not like so and so is escorted in with a “possee” to the signing booth, does their scribbles on a book or two, does a couple of pitches and then leaves. They’re there for the duration.
There are a variety of classes, the meat of the conference, that cover every aspect of the publishing and writing world. From writing to editing to marketing, there are almost always classes to cover everything you can think of and learn from. These classes are taught by the very people you come to pitch your work to.
Every year, writers get successful pitches and queries to agents and publishers. While the return may be low, once in a while someone strikes gold. The chances of obtaining an agent are much higher with a face-to-face meeting than a random letter in the mailbox. Each year, someone obtains a big-time agent or publisher from our conference.
The Las Vegas Writers Conference is one of the best in the nation for many reasons. As a writer, you should attend at least one if you’re serious about getting published, whether traditionally or self-published. Yeah, even self-published authors can get a lot of value out of this conference. There’s plenty to learn for self-pubbed authors as well, as you’re not excluded from the mix.
Happy writing!

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