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July 3, 2019

As a sometimes fantasy writer, the word troll could mean something entirely different from what I’m actually talking about in this case.

Today, I’m talking about Internet trolls.

In a more blunt term, these are assholes.


A troll is a relatively new Internet term for someone who horns into forums, chats and feeds and has nothing nice to say. They can get downright nasty.

They almost always use a bogus handle and quite often, make it so they cannot be traced.

Basically, they’re cowards who have an opinion, but are too scared to say it in their real name.

Or, they may have a real ID and just want to breed chaos and anarchy.


Trolling usually occurs, the more popular a person is. Popularity draws them out of the woodwork.

If you’re like me, we’re not exactly setting the world on fire, but we do have a small group of people who listen in, sometimes give feedback, exchange ideas.

Trolls usually aren’t interested in people like us. We don’t draw enough attention. Their reign of chaos doesn’t apply.

Then again…


Since very few of them are ever caught, it’s hard to say who they really are.

They could be:

Pre-teen boys goofing around or thrashing out because of a shitty home life.

Forty year old men still living in their mother’s basement with too much time on their hands.

More rarely, teen girls…mean girls taking out their angst on the world.

Over-politically correct types doing a campaign to fix the world.

Hackers just being jerks.

Foreign agents creating chaos as part of some nefarious scheme.

Fill in your own blank here____________


The more popular you become, the more likely you’re going to experience the personal joy of a troll.

If you receive enough Internet traffic due to your popularity, the numbers alone are going to eventually include an occasional troll.

It’s inevitable.


The most effective tactic, tried and true is to just ignore them. That usually works the best.

On occasion, one can engage a troll.


Unless you’re very witty, or ready for a barrage of responses, some of which might increase in intensity and other consequences, I probably wouldn’t recommend it.


One thing I didn’t mention about trolls.

While I suggested different types of people who might be on the other end of these crazy and sometimes disturbing things that they say, what I didn’t mention is the real deep whackos.

By engaging someone truly disturbed, what are you getting yourself into?

If this troll says something truly out there, maybe it’s time to contact someone.


In some cases, you can delete trolls from your forums, messages, feeds. Effectively, you can ban them.

If someone responds to something and the name is bogus, while the first or first several responses might be mild or innocuous, then turn nasty, you may have a lot of deleting to do. Maybe it would be better to look carefully at the names of those responding to you. If the name looks whacky, I mean seriously whacky, you might want to have second thoughts about accepting them to your feed in the first place.

Just an idea.


Most of the time, trolls are just something to ignore, but better to be safe than sorry.

Happy writing!

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