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April 18, 2018

Well, it’s finally almost here.

The 2018 Las Vegas Writer’s Conference is on the way. Just two days from when this article hits the ether, I’ll be rolling into the parking lot at the Tuscany Casino on Flamingo Road in Las Vegas.

I’m always an early riser, so I’ll probably be the first one there, or at least one of the first.


Though I’m a paid attendee, I have always liked to hang out at the registration table. I help stuff bags, set up tables and generally greet people when they arrive. Though there will also be volunteers specially set up for this, I be there myself because I just like doing it.

I’ve been to so many of these conferences that I’ve seen and heard just about everything. For the most part, I attend very few classes. However, I do pop into the occasional session.

I just like being at these events to rub elbows with people in the industry, see what’s going on and talk with others, from both sides, publishing and writing. I’m always learning and conveying what I’ve learned.


This year, I will, unfortunately, be dealing with a cluster headache cycle, like I did back in 2011. Back then, it lasted three months and was just ending in April during that conference. This time, it started a bit later and I’m still dealing with them. Most of the time, they start in the evenings so I’m hoping I don’t have any attacks while I’m there. I do have the medicine for it, though it takes a little bit for it to take effect. At our last writer’s group meeting, a week ago, Monday, I didn’t want to take it until I got home, and I was miserable during first page read practice. I DO NOT want to deal with that during this very important time!


There’ll be lots going on. Classes, agent pitches, meals and plenty of rubbing elbows with everyone. I’m not pitching anything, so I have no particular focus here, except to talk and listen. There will be plenty of people there to chat with!

Outside of my major star parties with the Las Vegas Astronomical Society, the Las Vegas Writer’s Conference is my major event of the year. I always look forward to it and I highly recommend it to any new writer, at least once.

Happy writing!

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