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August 10, 2016

Whether you have a book yet or not, if you’re on your way, you need to think about social media and getting a footprint in the ether. If you’re still in the writing stages, it isn’t as critical as if you’re marketing your manuscript. However, it’s a very useful to critical tool to move forward when you finally get published.

In these days where it’s up to the author to do their own marketing, regardless of whether you’re self-published or conventionally represented, you should not turn down any opportunity to get the word out. While some turn their noses up at the thought of social media and all the trappings, one should not ignore what could be a potentially lucrative avenue.

Also keep in mind that if you solicit to agents and publishers, one of the questions they ask is how you present yourself to the world. Social media is a big part of that.


Much has been said about the negatives of social media. You’ve heard it all before. “I’ve saturated Facebook and Twitter and never sold a book.” Bla bla bla…

While true, both sites (and others) may not prove fruitful to everyone, they have worked for most people to some degree.

You can spend an inordinate amount of effort and money for little return.


Look at it this way. For a little bit of effort, why not at least try?

Even though you could use their built-in publicity blasting services and spend a lot of money, you don’t need to do that. I have a friend going through a bit of that now and to tell the truth, the results are mixed. I’m of the mind to save my money and just do the normal Facebook postings that I do now and live with the results. After all, I HAVE sold some books because of Facebook.

Most important, I’ve been able to keep in touch with fans that way.

I spend a bit of time, sure, but it’s all free time and costs me nothing but time.

Think about that. You can reach a lot of people through social media in a few minutes of effort.

Or, you can print up hundreds of flyers, at a substantial cost. Then drive around town, or to far off places. I mustn’t forget: try to find venues that’ll let you post your flyers without taking them down as soon as you walk out the door.

Do the math.

With social media, you can literally reach around the world at the click of the mouse.


Social media isn’t the cure-all for the book marketer! Of course, you must pursue other avenues. Social media is just another tool in the box. However, it shouldn’t be dismissed as another computer-phobic bugaboo to be relegated to the button-happy teen crowd either. Social media is a part of the modern world and while some authors have successfully ignored it and done well, that’s not to say you should also.

Happy writing!

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