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January 6, 2016

Okay, I’m not a millionaire yet. Why not?


It’s hard to get a grip on how your book is doing when the only indication you have of sales is Amazon numbers. Though my book, Treasure Of The Umbrunna is also available on Barnes & Noble, they don’t post sales figures, at least that I can see. If someone knows, I’d sure like to!

With only Amazon to rely on, what do I see? The numbers going from ridiculously low to moderately miserable. Then to plunging into the abyss. The thing is, all of that could be from just one person buying the book. Because I have no way of knowing how Amazon calculates those numbers, one book sale could jump me from 1700 on the best seller in Fantasy to 1500. Then it will slowly trickle down in increments of 50 or so per every few hours or even days back to 1700 then 2500 then who knows. How low can it go?

As other writers have told me, you can go crazy trying to watch those numbers, especially when the book is available from other venues, some I haven’t mentioned because I’m not sure how they work yet.

Oh, I mustn’t forget Amazon UK. From what I’ve heard from a few friends in Europe, I think I’ve sold at least one book in Jolly Olde’ Englande and one in Holland. Maybe more and they got it through Amazon UK which has it listed as well. Hey, I may be international!


Though the book was sent out to several reviewers before going to final print, I have yet to see one anywhere. I Google it every few days and outside of my publisher’s posts and including features on my web site and in my own articles, I’ve seen it mentioned only at a few sites, some of them foreign even, but never a review.

I have one review on Amazon. A great one, I’ll admit, but only one. I know of several people that have either read it or partially read it, so far, yet none of them have done a review. Aaagh!

I’ve posted on all my social media outlets to please do a review, but no takers so far.

One thing I’ve also told people was that if they’re on Amazon, to delink their social media sites from their personal profile. If Amazon finds out you know the author through social media, they’ll block your review. I, for one, have never linked my social media to Amazon, so I’ve never had that problem.


I know, the math says it all. I can’t expect to sell books if I don’t get out there. Okay, well, considering I have a real job, my options are limited. That doesn’t mean I’m not doing what I can. I’m all over social media. I’m not going to make a nuisance of myself, but I’m also not going to be a wallflower. I’m always exploring new avenues to pitch my book.

Locally, I’m open to do book signings and a book premiere party. What I’m waiting on for that is to get my book banner. I have cards, bookmarks and media releases printed. However, I’m also going to tweak them a bit.

I’m open for speaking engagements. I’m also going to approach the library system.

Where are all my book sales?

They’ll get there, slowly but surely (and don’t call my Shirley) (Some of you should know where I stole that infamous movie line!).

Happy writing!

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