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December 11, 2015

It finally happened. The book went live and there was a burst of sales on Amazon. I saw it show up and watched the three sales numbers vary from day to day throughout the week. If I’m not careful, I could get addicted to those damn numbers! Of course, they range from slightly encouraging to devastating in the blink of an eye. I have to wonder how many other authors go through the same process when their first book comes out. With life just starting for Treasure Of The Umbrunna, it could become an obsession, if I let it. However, I know that I have to take those numbers with a grain of salt because there will be bursts of buying as people discover the book based on what I do next.


That’s a great question. My publisher sent me a huge list of things I can do, many I should do to market my book. The ones I actually do all have to fall within the limits of the fact that I also have a real job and the physical and practical limitations of where I live. I mean, it’s not like I can just pack up and do a national book tour! Most just-starting authors would never consider that anyway. However, I haven’t got anywhere near to steps like that yet. Things are much more simple at this point.


I finally talked to the printer and got a good e-mail contact where I can sent the templates for my business cards, bookmarks and book flyers. I now have quotes and he printed samples I’m going to look at this weekend. I’ll go with what I can afford. I’m pretty sure the quality will be good because I’ve see their work before. I’ll need all that for any future book signings. The business cards I can give out willy-nilly when my book comes up in conversations, which it does quite a bit.


Once my book hit Amazon, I was finally able to create my author page. When I did that, I also discovered a pleasant surprise, which also meant I might’ve been able to create my author page earlier than I thought. All of those short story anthologies I have been included in are already on Amazon (except one). Though my name wasn’t listed on any of them, all I had to do was submit to their corrections department and voila! Now every one of those anthologies are listed on my author page! In fact, when you pull up my page, the books run off the side and you have to scroll to see them all.

I also added the bio from inside Treasure, updated of course. Then I added a photo. Now as for the photo, to tell the truth, I don’t like those generic posed pictures that everyone does. First off, they don’t look real to me. Many times, when you meet the author in person, they don’t look anything like that. I’d rather see a photo of someone in a real-life setting. The one I chose was a tradeoff. I wanted one with me standing next to my telescope, but my publisher has nixed those in the past. Instead, I picked one of me standing in front of the bottomless lake in Palmdale, Calee’fornia. It will eventually be the subject of a future novel in my Gold series.

Next, I added my outstanding new animated video. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to because it rocks! It’s probably the best marketing tool in my arsenal.

I also have an interview video but I haven’t posted it to my author page yet.

I also completed the author page on GoodReads. It was a bit different and I wasn’t able to add the anthologies because in GoodReads, my name doesn’t show up in their database. I’d have to become a librarian for their site to make corrections. I’m not to that point yet so I just let it go.


My case of books came in and now comes the predicament of how to sell them. I asked for advice on that and was told that though I could sell them for any price I wanted, I should sell them for the sticker price (which is on the bar code block). I especially need to do this during the initial stages of the book launch. I have to keep track of each sale because after all, this is a business now and I need good records for tax purposes. Maybe later down the road, I can sell them for discounted prices. I have a few reserved copies to give away to family and very close friends. Those I’ll write off.


A whole different world is now opening up. In twenty years, I should be more prepared for this inevitable step, but it’s still very new to me.

Folks, I’m now a published author!

Happy writing!

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