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October 29, 2014

At first I worried about revealing plot twists by describing the characters in this article but realized that Treasure Of The Umbrunna isn’t that type of adventure. It’s pretty clear, up front, who’s who, though there are surprises.

There can’t be a fantasy adventure story without more than a single character, even if the story is told almost entirely from Meleena’s point of view. For Treasure Of The Umbrunna, a significant point is that she must learn to work with others. Besides that, what about conflict? That means characters.

I’ll now describe the main cast of characters, as they appear in Treasure Of The Umbrunna. Many of them you’ll see again in further adventures, where there descriptions may contain significant updates. The Adventures are just getting started!


Queelan is good with a sword and has been around the block. He appears to be in his late thirties but his real age is indeterminate at this point. Meleena is immediately attracted to him, but only as a conquest, and for no other reason. She realizes there’s something not quite right about her attraction, but isn’t quite sure why, but why let that stop her?

He’s tall, muscular and favors chain mail.


Leeth is crude, rude and brash toward women. At first, Meleena wants to put a knife to his throat, until she learns his big secret.

He’s built like a wrestler, has bushy eyebrows with bald head surrounded by frizzy dark halo of hair. His greatest talents come from tracking and healing. He can also swing a mean mace.


Despite the name Wiz, he isn’t named that because he’s a magick user. It’s a family name, carried down through several generations as well as cousins. In this world, being called a “wizard” is an insult.

He just happens to be a magick user. Wiz, an Elf, hails from Fillinia, a city in the high foothills of Gallin. He’s quite good at his craft and is able to cast spells with less mental breakdown than other races. A problem with magick is that the more powerful the spell, the more it temporarily decreases the spell-caster’s intellect. That can cause severe complications in the heat of battle. Elves are better suited to magick because of this.

Wiz is small, thin, with pointed ears and almond shaped eyes.


Baldar is the dry-witted, grumpy Dwarf. Decked out in studded armor, his rosy-cheeked face is buried in gray-white hair, even though he’s still a young adult for a Dwarf. At nine-hundred season cycles though, he’s been around.

He drives Meleena nuts with his ever-present pipe. That pipe is an ongoing mystery throughout the series.


People call him Grelnik, which drives him nuts. Grel Nik is a washed-up magick user, banished to the dungeons under Sivrisinek Castle in Bug Flat. Tall, with four eyes and glasses to match, he sports a beard separated into three braids. He sometimes plays the part of a magick user with flashy garb including a tall hat covered in mysterious symbols and an elaborate purple robe. Most of the time, one is likely to find him puttering in his lab in blacksmith garb.

Meleena has to go to Grel, his preferred moniker, for help. She gets the feeling he knows more about her than he lets on.


Her friend, her brother, this half bug, half human settled in Bug Flat and converted an old Esveen chapel into the Pig Splat bar. He took Meleena under his wing (in more than the literal sense).

Like Grel, he also has four eyes, but that’s as close as the comparison goes. His skin is lime-green, his mouth is surrounded by a set of mandibles and his back is covered with a pair of delicate multi-hued wings.

A light-hearted, friendly sort, he makes a good bartender, and a great foil for Meleena. While she rarely listens to him, he’s been there too many times to tell her he told her so.


This half rat, half human is a shifty-eyed little thief. His role is small but significant. He and Meleena go way back, and he’s her eyes and ears in the street, though she can’t trust him any more than he trusts her.

He looks pretty much like you’d picture a half rat, half human. Beady eyes, pointy nose, coarse whiskers and buck teeth. However, there’s more to him than meets the eye.


Obrigan is the current royal magick user and Grel’s replacement. He’s Grel’s nemesis and chief thorn in his side. It’s widely suspected that Obrigan controls the Queen. His hands are quite dirty.


This flop-eared puppy, is actually a full-grown dog of indeterminate breed, somewhat between a beagle, a lab and a golden retriever He mysteriously shows up one day, seems innocent enough and annoying enough to be just a plain old dawg, which inspires Meleena’s name for him. Is he? Time will tell.


That isn’t every character, but should be a good introduction to some of the key and interesting characters you’ll meet in Treasure Of The Umbrunna.

Happy writing!

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